Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Nicco!!!

July 31, 2008. Happy Birthday Nicco!! We had a big birthday party over the weekend and Nicco had a great time. We celebrated with a pinata and our very own Birthday cake. Nicco got lots of great presents including his very own ride in remote control boat! We have more monkey's they we can count (his favorite) and we really loved the balloons! Today we will all go with Grandma to Chuck E Cheese and play some more. Everyone had a great time and Nicco is getting so big. He did all his new "tricks", he now gets on his knees and hops like the bunny while singing hop, hop, hop. He also does a very entertaining cow, drives the cars with a vroom, and when you call his name says,what? LOL My favorite is he has started to give me kisses without asking now. He is so affectionate, just like Tony.
Nicco had his first haircut. That didn't go well, and we think we liked it better long. Everyone thinks he is a girl though. I think it is those massive lashes. He looks cute though and it was getting in his eyes. We left the back untouched.
Nicco road the carousal at the Chesterfield mall that day as well. He wasn't really sure if he liked it or not. He seemed confused. LOL
He has had a little cold again and has been waking several times a night. Poor guy. Nothing serious though, just stuffy and miserable. Everything is going great and we are sooo in love with him! Now if I could just get people to stop calling him my grandbaby I'd be all set!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ain't he sweet?

July 23, 2008. Early morning with Nicco as he is back to getting up at 6. I don't know how he does it with the little power naps he takes. I still have not gotten a nap in his crib longer than 15 minutes yet. Thank god he has slept through the night easily since he has been home. I'd be one tired mommy, especially at my age! So glad my Doc told me to stop rocking him to sleep like that, we'd still be playing that game. I rock him now until he is restless or drowsy and lay him down and off he goes. Sometimes he will cry a little, but has never cried longer than 5 minutes and off to sleep. To think I would have kept holding him all night long or sleeping with him. It is so amazing how they train you, if you let them. So happy to hear my friends have an out today! Kim, it's been a long time coming and we wish you good luck!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost Party Time!

July 21, 2008. 10 days until Nicco's first Birthday, I can hardly believe it! It's going by way to fast! We have a big huge birthday/welcome home party planned this weekend. He is already to blow out the candles as Grandma has taught him how. The family is taking great pleasure out of his new tricks everyday. He now says Gamma (grandma), Bra Bra (brother) and several words clearly. He is still not walking, getting better with the cruising and standing on his own. He will talk earlier than most, but I think he will walk later. He just doesn't want to on his own. He will start his Montessori school in 6 months. A bilingual school filled with other Spanish speaking children. I know this will be great for him, but I am so sad to get to this point. As I said, it is all going so fast this time. Before we know it he will be all grow up like our others. Loving every minute of the day with him...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nicco the daredevil!

July 12, 2008. Nicco is coming along well with his swim lessons, he loves the water. The teacher has been amazed and frightened by him, he has NO fear. While all the other kids are crying he is proving he is part fish. His vocabulary is coming along and he now says my mama when referring to me and will tell you what the monkey says, his favorite animal. He still will not walk on his own but does dance. He loves music especially anything Latin. We have done many a fall down trying to cut the rug! The hands and legs get going out of control. We have been so blessed we just can't believe it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

July 3, 2008. Happy fourth of July to everyone. I couldn't think of a more appropriate photo than this one of Nic on Embassy day. You can see what kind of mood he was in! We are hanging home this 4th and celebrating low key. Nic has been doing fantastic in his swim lessons, he loves, loves, the water. He is now saying Mama, dada, Bra (brother), yeah, up and ball. When you ask him if he is happy he smiles ear to ear and claps his hands. Too cute! He is walking all over the place with his walking toy, pushing it along, but will not step out without holding on still. But, it is any day now. I still cannot believe he is home, that he is almost a year old already and I do not know how I could have lived without him. I am so in love. Happy 4th everyone!