Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of the Month Fix..

August 31, 2008. Where did the month go? I cannot believe how fast time is flying. Nicco is walking all over the place now and some times picks up the pace to a run. I have been having a ball keeping up with him, or at least trying to. I am out cold by 8 every night!Some pics from the month as we have fun with him. I love the shirt.."these aren't the parents I ordered" I feel for you guy, it's rough being king. Best wishes to all..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nicco Walks!!

August 14, 2008. Well, isn't it just the way. The first time Chris & I are gone Nic decides to walk! Grandma was here and was she excited that she got the first real steps. Apparently, he just stood up and walked across the floor to her. He has been walking the rest of the day now, he should be good and tired tonight! Chris is due home tonight and was really sad he missed this as well. He is so funny because he gets so excited that he is walking he starts this dance and falls. He is so proud of his accomplishment. He is eating good finally now that I am blending all the "grown ups" food instead of baby food. He won't even touch the graduates food let alone regular baby food. We finally received our G-884 back. I was disappointed to have all the documents from this file already as I was hoping for more pics of the birthmom. More props to my fantastic agency because I had all these already, but I was happy to have copies. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The baby who Doesn't Cry..

August 10, 2008. There is something to be said about the baby who doesn't cry unless he is tired or hurt. You can never tell they are sick! He finally stopped coughing at night but something just didn't feel right. He has been really clingy and has trained me to wear him on my hip now. I took him to the Doc just to be sure and sure enough, double ear infection. Nic has this thing with his ears, he always has his fingers in there when he is tired and pulls his hair. So picking at his ears would be nothing new here. This has to be the best natured baby I have ever seen. I am scared to see what kind of teenager we are going to deal with! Anyway, we are on antibiotic now and he is venturing off to play again. Moms back is killing her and I am feeling my age, but, I am Happy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chuck E Cheese!

August 6, 2008. Nicco spent his birthday day at Chuck E Cheese with the family. We had a great time and Nicco really loves the big mouse! He danced and clapped and rode all the rides. We had a chocolate cupcake celebration and he was happy to wear his birthday party hat again. We cannot believe how much he is growing and changing so quickly. I am loving his curly locks in the back. We are still not over the new cold/cough, but it seems better. We are finally taking steps on our own now that we have been practicing with the walking wings. The funniest new thing, he has begun to grow a peach fuzz mustache, he is so cute.