Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Next Tommy Lee..

September 25, 2008. Nicco has been doing really well and is off the antibiotics yet again. The doctor says 1 more ear infection this year and it is tubes. Here I go again. Since he has come home he has drummed on anything he can get a different sound out of. I swear this must be something in his blood, he just loves it. I must admit his rhythm is impressive. He loves to dance and is finally getting to a point where he is adding new moves. The next Tommy Lee or the next Salsa king, not sure which one. He gets so excited to watch dancing with the stars with me, LOL. We went to the Guatfest here in St.Louis and had a great time. Nicco was the youngest we saw so I am sure he will get more out of this next year when he is older to run and play with the kids. We had been worried about his size as he had dropped into the 20th percentile since being home and has had so many challenges with eating, picky. We were surprised to see him tower over some of the 2 year olds, as he is so small next to most his age in the states. Mommy calls him shortcake, I could just eat him up. He continues to have such a pleasant nature and rarely cries even when sick. I think we have new teeth coming in..