Sunday, November 23, 2008

More new Teeth..

November 23, 2008. Well, we had another evening of waking up again last night. Today I notice 2 new teeth getting ready to pop. We almost have them all. I think after this next round we will have just 2 in the very back, top and bottom, to come in. He has done really well considering they all came up at the same time. Nicco is starting to talk a lot more now. Some things are easy to understand, some not so easy, and some very clear. He has been trying to tell me something the last 2 days and I cannot figure out what it is. It is driving me crazy, LOL. He says it to me over and over and waits for me to respond. He is starting to sound things out. He makes the T sound for Tony, the S sound for Joelle', because we call her sissy and is responding and saying beso in Spanish. His Spanish is going well, as is mine, and he will respond in both languages on several things now. He has had a growth spurt and I am excited to see where he is on the charts on Tuesday, our next Dr. appointment. Shots again, not looking forward to that! I can tell he is taller and has gained a little weight finally. We have been giving him a fruit smoothie everyday and I think this is helping. I have cut down his formula and he does eat more now. I can't believe how much he changes from day to day. I am loving every minute of this..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3rd Haircut..

November 15, 2008. Nicco got his 3rd haircut yesterday. He did so much better than the last. This time we had my stylist Christy cut his hair. He had met her before and I think he was more comfortable with her. She did such a great job!! He is starting to look more like a little boy and not a baby :( We have eliminated the matting in the back of his hair by cutting off his cute little baby curls. Nicco got a ring sucker to work on during the process and was a champ. He has been in such a better mood since his teeth have come in, thank god! We are having serious issues with the crib and getting stuck in the bars. I am at a loss of what to do. They sell a high coverage mesh bumper but it will not fit our crib style. Regular crib bumpers are a total No-NO, found this out the hard way, as we have had all the kids try to climb out. Listen to the warning folks, they will go over! Spanish is going great, he loves, loves, the class, and is the star of the show. Such the ham. He now fully participates with everyone else and loves to sit with all the mommies, making all the other children really ticked off. LOL He is so affectionate and I am loving every minute of it. Have a good weekend all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Day After..

November 1, 2008. We had so much fun on our first Halloween. It didn't take long for Nicco to get with the program. He was so cute in his Monkey suit and big brother Tony was a chick magnet. Nicco loved to walk up and say "hello" to everyone and put his candy in his pumpkin. Today we went to the park for a family photo shoot. It would have been perfect if we just had Joelle'. We got a couple cute pics, but Nicco was not feeling well with his teeth again. He has 4 that have finally popped and 4 more that are close. Nothing is working for the pain and he is miserable. Hopefully it won't take long for the others to come in. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, don't eat all the candy at one time!