Saturday, December 27, 2008

My new Camera

December 27, 2008. Nothing new today, but I had a ball using my new camera. Had to share the photo's, I am in love with the model :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2008. We had a fantastic Christmas this year with Nicco being home. Everyone did quite well in the gift department, and Nicco was no exception. He got a train, a bouncing pony, a zoo, a kitchen and loads of other great gifts. We had a fun time at Grandma's visiting with all the family we rarely get to see. Some got to see Nicco for the first time! I didn't need any presents this year, I had gotten the best already with Nicco coming home. I did get a new camera though, and boy, was I surprised! I got a Nikon D60 and I am loving it! It has been taking the most amazing pictures and Christopher even hooked me up with all the good lenses and goodies. Hopefully I'll be able to share some great Nicco photo's on this page. Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

HO, HO, NO!!

December 20, 2008. Well, much as I expected Nicco did not care for Santa. I thought I was going to get a really great pic. I made Tony go (he's such a good sport)and Nicco was doing great when I slid him on Santa's lap. Then he noticed I was now behind the camera waving to him. It was the greatest look as he looked up to see Santa, (who's holding me if mommy's over there?). I've never seen eyes get so big! Thankfully the photographer snapped the picture just in time before he totally freaked out. Poor little guy. She actually cut half of Tony out of the pic, but it was the best we could do. I cannot wait until Christmas and to be with the family. We are having Christmas eve at our house this year. A small gathering of family but should be fun! I just can't believe he is home. HOME, HOME, HOME..Merry Christmas to me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Fun!

December 8, 2008. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. So much to be thankful for. Nicco had a blast on the rocking horse, even sharing with cousin Timothy. My mom came in and spent the weekend with Nicco. He has grown so much since she last saw him. Unfortunately Nicco got a bad sinus infection while she was here. He was so miserable and up all night. On top of the sinus infection he is still battling the last few teeth. It seems like it is taking forever, but most are all through at least a bit. I think he will only have 2 left. I made the bad mistake of rocking him again until he was asleep while sick and now that he is feeling better he is giving me a hard time about sleeping. I think we straightened it out last night, as he is back to rocking only till drowsy and into the crib he goes. He even put himself back to sleep all night on wakings, thank god. When I stick to the plan he is back to sleep before I can even make it up the stairs. He has become such a daddy's boy and loves to share with Chris. They have so much fun together and I love to hear Nicco laugh while horse playing with him. He is really starting to talk now. His new favorite is "wow". Every time he see's something new it's "wow". LOL He say's "hello" in English and Spanish and a few other words. Still hasn't said "no" yet, which I'm surprised. LOL Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!