Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Tooth Brush..

January 7, 2009. We decided to finally let Nicco brush his teeth on his own. He has been exhibiting such a need to be independent and a "big boy" like Tony. This little one is destin for big things he has such a personality! We bought him a new toddler tooth brush, put him on the sink, and let him have at it. We were all surprised, he knew just what to do. He even brushed for a few minutes and then wanted to rinse, lol. It really is amazing how much they learn by just watching you, even when you think they aren't watching. He's now counting to 3, say's a,b,c and can recognize a fish, a monkey, a elephant, zebra and giraffe when asked. Will still only say "hola" to Diego, Dora or the Spanish teacher, lol. Everyone else gets a "hello" or as Nicco say's "ello". He will recognize an Owl in Spanish only and is quick to hold his finger to his lips and say "shhh" when asked about La Chusa, the game about the owl he learned in Spanish class. If I drill him with the owl pic he is clueless, and looks at me like what are you talking about, and then gives me the "shh",lol. I've really been so blessed to be able to stay at home with Tony & Nicco and can really see the difference with them developmentally. My heart goes out to those who do it all, it is hard. We had our Celebrate adoption photo shoot at the house yesterday. I can't wait to see my proofs. Nicco was all over the place, and taking pictures of an active toddler can be challenging. Keeping my fingers crossed.