Thursday, April 30, 2009

1 year ago today...

April 30, 2009. I had just settled into my room at the Marriott in Guatemala city. I was so excited to spend some time with my best friend Stephanie. We hadn't seen each other in so many years, and there she was holding my hand through all of this. I could hardly believe in just 2 days I would be holding Nicco forever, and was I scared! Chris was home working and pacing the floors. He may have been more nervous than I was and we both new this was going to be a long wait. I remember so many things going through my mind that night. I wondered if you would still remember me, would you still like me? And whatever would I do if you didn't? I wish I would have known it was going to be this easy. That you would be so spectacular, a happy little guy, and we would fall madly in love. Soon we will celebrate our first forever family day. We couldn't love you anymore than we do!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Enjoying the Weather!

April 26, 2009. It has been so beautiful here in Saint Louis. We have been having a great time with our playgroup and our new friends. This week we spent sometime at the nearby park. Mom was able to get some much needed walking in and Nicco had a great time making friends. No surprise, the girls seem to love him where ever we go. Nicco loves to find sticks and dig them on trees. I don't think he cares much for the play centers, he is happy and content with some dirt. His favorite thing to do right now is play in a sandbox. We will be adding this to the upper deck soon. He is talking more and more and the p.a.t. aide was right, he is using two or three word sentences. I think he will be talking a lot very soon. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 1st Easter!!

April 13,2009. Nicco really had a good time with everyone on his very first Easter. Grandma had her traditional Easter egg hunt, and it didn't take Nicco long to find all his eggs. He looked so dapper in his Easter outfit. It was nice to get together with family and celebrate the day together. All the kids are getting so big so fast. Our next celebration will be our 1st Forever Family day, May 7th. I can't believe it has been almost a year already!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Bunny!

April 5, 2009. We went to visit the Easter Bunny last Saturday. Poor Tony, he is such a good sport. Nicco really didn't need Tony there this time, he loved the bunny! We had a hard time trying to get the picture with Nicco looking at the camera. He kept looking at the Easter bunny saying "hi" with a big smile on his face. I wish you could hear what was going on in their minds.
My birthday was last Saturday as well, I am getting close to 50! Christopher gave me a card with a message every day for my Birthday week. My favorite was the one in the photo above. It say's "Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries." from Truman Capote. I love this card and couldn't have said it better.
I talked with Joey, she is awaiting her Visa and very excited to go to Australia soon. I am excited for her. She has that same sense for adventure that I had. I spent my 20's & 30's traveling with my career and moved to several states before finally settling in. In St. Louis of all places? Still surprising to me to this day. My dad always said I had Gypsy blood in me. lol. Maybe Joey does too.
Do they fish fry anywhere else in the world? We have just spent our last few Fridays meeting our family for the Friday fish fry's for lent. We finished it off with our family favorite, the Mexican fish fry in our old neighborhood. Some of the best Mexican food you will ever eat! We waited for 2 hours in the line and got there early! The line was around the building by the time we left. It is getting quite popular here. If you are in St. Louis and haven't been, you are missing it! They have full entertainment and church tours. They offer both English mass and Spanish, with 80% Hispanic parishners. I think we are going to try and baptize Nicco here in Spanish. The school is fantastic and if we lived closer this would be the place for Nicco to attend, I really like the curriculum.
Our 1 year Anniversary is fast approaching! I can hardly believe it has been a year. It is going by too fast. Nicco will be 2 soon. Somebody slow this down for me.