Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sand Box!!

May 19, 2009. We had a great forever family day. We decided to get Nicco his favorite, a sand box. Nicco loves dirt and can sit in the sand box forever if we let him. Our biggest problem has been getting Nicco to keep the sand in the box and NOT in his mouth! We still seem to be in that stage where everything enters our mouth accept food! Mom said she can finally tell how small Nic is by these pictures of him laying in the box. I am hoping to see some weight get put on by the next doctor appointment, as he is still at 23 lbs. We hosted our first at home play date with some of Nicco's new friends. We had a great time and the kids were really angels, they can play at my house anytime! Nicco has really started to pick up some words now that he has been involved with the play group and I have certainly enjoyed my new friends. Off to enjoy the park today, it's beautiful outside!


Vanessa said...

TOO CUTE! Don't worry too much about his weight because my baby girl is almost three and only weighs 25 pounds and has been like this for over 6 months!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the colored sand. I agree, don't worry about the weight. My Nico was sooo tiny for so long. It was great to cuddle. He ate healthy but was just small. He is still the smallest 7 yo old on his baseball team. He finally weighs 45 pounds and Luca is at 30 pounds and will be 2 on Saturday.

Gail said...

That sand does look good enough to eat. Nico looks nice and healty and happy. That's what counts.