Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you Sleeping?

June 16, 2009. Nicco is such a prankster, could he fit in any better? His favorite activity is to pretend he is asleep and listen as we all talk about him sleeping until he finally starts cracking up because he has fooled us. He has actually really fooled us on occasion. He loves to joke around with Chris and is always playing "monster" with something. The above picture he is feeding daddy the killer lizard, lol. As you can tell by the pictures he is always mugging for the camera. He has such a funny personality. He has missed his best friend this week who was on vacation. If he asks me to go bye-bye (translation: let's see Timothy) one more time I think I will scream, lol. It will be nice to get together at the circus tomorrow, should be fun! We went to the Zoo last week and I actually made it into a picture for a change. URGH! My diet is frustrating me because I don't want to stick to it, and I can really see the weight I have gained in the photo's. I will have to try and get back into the swing of eating right again. I have such trouble when I don't eat every couple hours and exercise :(
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Kim, Steve and Zack said...

Nicco is just adorable, the sleeper he has on in the pics is the same one Zack has. I guess you said it well that we have the same taste in their clothes LOL
Nicco is getting so big!!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the little 'sniker' look! He is so precious.

Luca too is such a stinker and comdian at such an early age.

Nicole Massie said...

I LOVE the new pictures...he is such a funny little guy! We definately missed you guys while we were gone :( Timothy asked for Nicco almost every morning! Timothy LOVES his best friend Nicco!

Joshua's blog and his mom Angie said...

so cute!!You have to just love that face of his!!! and his jovial personality.... LOL so cute!

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