Friday, December 21, 2007

Tony is Famous!

December 21, 2007. Our article final went to print. You can read it here:

PA Today!

December 21, 2007. Don't things just happen when you least expect them? I opened my phone email today to discover we had PA (pre-approval). My computer crashed 2 days ago and I have been out of commission. I am still not sure if I have lost all my documents or not. Geek Squad to the rescue! I am using my laptop but I am having a hard time typing with it. It makes it almost impossible to do anything. Tony was sooo excited to hear we had PA. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for all the support everyone has lent.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just the Two of Us..

December 12, 2007. I have returned from my visit a few days early. Poor Nic was sick when I left, my first experience with the baby vomiting. Breaking me in fast, Nic. I couldn't have asked for a better baby, Mr. Happy. Even when he got ill he was good and hardly cried or fussed. I met the best couple, Genevieve & Chris. They were visiting their daughter Tilly, tiny Tilly :) She is beautiful and they are the nicest couple in the world. They sure helped me get through a hard time and I thank them for that. It was lonely coming home and not talking with you guys. My Chris never made the trip and it was his loss I'm afraid. Nic is growing so fast and you can never get that back. Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nicco Likes Mango!

December 6, 2007. I can't believe it is Thursday already. Today we spent the afternoon by the pool with Terry, Pete & Jackson. Jackson is going home at 6 months! He is adorable, and it was nice to have a friendly couple to talk with. Nicco had his first taste of fruit he liked today, Mango. He had a taste of bananas the other day but did not like it. He reminded me of Tony so much as his little tongue went in and out trying to taste it all. He is such a good baby and still hardly ever cries. He is VERY picky about food though. He is definately bonding with me, as he will go to anyone but will not take his eyes off momma. I cannot believe he says momma, but he does clearly, so cute. He also does not believe in sleep. I guess nothing is perfect, but he is as close as it gets. Tony, you will love this snuggle bunny!

Go Badgers!

December 6, 2007. Good morning from Guatemala! Last night Nic got dressed in his Wisconsin Badgers best, courtesy of dad, and went for a walk of the Marriott with Mom. We had a good time but couldn't find any other babies. There is no one down here right now. Last night he finally slept for 3 hour periods at a time. He wakes, fusses, I pat his belly, he falls asleeep again. Routine..were getting it. He is also sleeping with me though!He has still been very fussy with eating even after I went to the grocery store and prepared the special mix from the foster mom.(cinnamon sticks boiled and sugar) I am hoping things will go better today as he gets more hungry. Tomorrow dad comes down and we can hardly wait! Nic is already to go to the pool!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Guatemala baby!!!

December 5, 2007. Well I made it, all by myself. Christopher will be here Friday and I can hardly wait. My plane was a little late and after the usual airport craziness in Guate I found my ride and was off to the hotel. Nicco was there within minutes and boy had he grown! He looks just like a little man. Just adorable. The best part about him is his personality. He smiles all the time and laughs out loud so cute. I bet we spent half the night laughing out loud at each other. I wonder what he finds so funny about me? lol
Everything went really well until I tried to feed him. He hasn't been happy with the bottle situation all night.I do not know what I am doing wrong, but he drinks a bit and then gets really mad. He only slept an hour at a time since I have been here. He is NO crybaby though. And when he needs attention he lowly whines cute. I think I just have something wrong and he is trying to tell me what it is. I feel so relaxed with him and head over heals in love. This is so much sweeter as you age and mellow. I will post new pics when he sleeps (if he sleeps). The Marriott is wonderful even with the contruction, no noise, decorated for xmas and a new baby room open. Wish me luck with the rest of the day...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday baby!

December 1, 2007. Happy 4th month Birthday Nicco. Only a few more days & I will be there to celebrate with you. I cannot wait to hold & kiss you! As always Tony had a wonderful celebration counting the days until you come home. He was so happy to see new pics of you and can't wait to see everything I bring home this visit trip. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!