Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not So Chubby Bunny..

November 28, 2007. We received updated medicals yesterday on Nicco. He is so very healthy and growing everyday. He weighs 12 lbs. which actually makes him pretty normal and not so chubby after all. We think it is the layering of clothing making him look so thick. LOL Note worthy giggle, Nicco's med report says "child saying any words?" answer: AJU', my mom says maybe he's sneezing? LOL Smiling not laughing yet and not sleeping through the night :( He is also still eating 8-9 bottles of formula a day! I am from the old school of early cereal, this baby is hungry! I listened to the grandma's instead of the doc's with Joey and she was on cereal at a little over a month at night. She immediately also slept all the way through, so I am glad I listened. Ah, my two cents..
Less than 1 week until Nicco kisses!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

November 26, 2007. You ever wake up and just know it is going to be a good day? I woke up this morning with a fantastic call from the agency. More pictures! And is he getting cute or what ? I just love picture day. No news on our case but everyone is moving along quickly that I talk with. I am hopeful our PA may be on time after all. Hoping for good news next week in Guatemala. Be sure to check out my new addition in the right Column, top page, click each link under happy holidays from the boys for a good laugh. Caution, it does take a bit to load, but trust's worth it!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Needing a little Motivation..

November 24, 2007. Well, I worked on Nic's room a little more today. I still haven't really started the painting. I have been trying to repair the walls from those animal stickers I had up when it was Anthony's room. What a mess! I am almost finished and it has come out quite nice. I will soon begin the base coat, a cream color, and then Jim (our Neighbor) is so kindly going to help me do the baby blue stripes. I picked up the glider and stool I ordered this week, it looks gorgeous! The dark espresso wood looks so good with the baby blue. I also picked up the little giraffe bedding set I ordered. My girlfriend Steph got a kick out of what a "psycho" I am because the blue satin was a shade off in color from the samples. It has really bugged me, and I am to much of a perfectionist. I don't think anyone would pay it any attention, but I had it in my mind a certain Oh well, the velvet was exactly the right color and Tony said he was so jealous because it felt like heaven. He says Nic will sleep forever..ah, yeah, OK! This is Tony's first baby can you tell?? LOL I will post some pics as I progress. Going to the adoption service at the Cathedral Basilica much to be Thankful for. Goodnight.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Something to be Thankful for..

November 20, 2007. Almost turkey day and we have been so blessed to be thankful for so many things this year. I cannot believe we will be seeing our little Nicco in just a little more than a week. I can't wait to get my hands on him and kiss him a hundred times! I am also dying for some new pictures. I can see that look already..oh no, the crazy lady with the camera again! I took 400 pictures in 4 days. Can you imagine what I will come back with in a week? We are thankful we have been given this little miracle, our son, and that we will someday soon all be a family. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A long Weekend

October 11, 2007. Friday I finally received my copy of the DNA results in the mail. I was so excited to see the picture of Nicco and his BM, until I looked at it. I immediately broke down in tears and cried all weekend. She had such a look of misery on her face. I could feel her pain like it was happening to me. This is an amazing journey, filled with many emotions. I had so much guilt on Friday and no matter how much anyone tells me how this is meant to be, I still feel terrible for her. I am happy I will have this pic for Nicco. I know this may ease his mind in knowing he came to us out of love. I pray it does. I will share his happy little face with you..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New News!

November 7, 2007. Great news today as we heard several Guatemalan news papers announced the hague would postpone until April 30, 2008. While we have nothing official, this is a huge step in bringing Nicco home. I'm not much for counting chickens before they hatch, but I do believe, as I have since the beginning we will get through this process. I have my bags packed already, (can you believe this?) and I am ready for my visit trip. Should be interesting, it's been awhile for me:)
No news on anything Nicco. Lisa..I need an update! lol
It should be slow from here on out. We should enter the final court around the middle of December and we can only hope for a speedy out, could be March could be July. I'm posting a picture of my other goof ball tonight because he is just so funny waiting for his brother. Nicco is so lucky. Goodnight all.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Colom Elected President

November 5, 2007. I'm not really sure what this means to our adoption, but, Guatemala now has a new president Alvaro Colom. It sounds as if the elections went off without any major issues, which is great news! We are hoping this will now move along the talks to add in a grandfather clause for our adoption. I will be off to visit soon, Nicco's luggage is starting to get ridiculous! I have also started on the nursery finally. I thought it would take us forever to get the decals off the wall. Guess what? I bought I found some really cool circles I thought I would put above the closet with each letter of his name on them. I think they should look good on the striped walls. We shall see...
No new word on Nicco court process updates, PA, PGN, won't expect anything until around the end of November. Knock on wood, we have been right on time so far :)